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Coaster Freight Index

Service includes

  • regional short sea market reports
  • freight and commodity market news
  • coaster market forecast based on commodity market trends and special ISM Commodity Index
  • more than 80 freight fixtures and ideas from spot/prompt market every week
  • more than 500 weekly updated freight assessments on main trade routes
  • TCE dynamics for 3,000t dwcc, 5,000t dwcc and 10,000t dwcc vessels
  • commodity market reports, export prices, tenders and trades

ISM Freight & Chartering

Service includes

  • freight and commodity markets news
  • chartering market reports
  • more than 150 TCT and voyage-basis fixtures and ideas obtained firsthand from brokers, charterers, ship owners and operators every week
  • more than 800 weekly updated freight assessments on main trade routes
  • short-term freight forecasts based on market fundamentals
  • daily earning dynamics for different tonnage classes
  • commodity market reviews, export prices, tenders and trades.

ISM Ports & Logistics

Service includes

  • infrastructure news and updates on dry bulk terminals w/w
  • permanently updated ports and stevedore database with berths, storages, equipment and terrestrial connections details
  • actual handling/transshipment tariffs from different stevedoring companies
  • congestions in main export- and import-oriented dry bulk ports
  • bunker market updates and fuel prices
  • disbursement database
  • commodity market news and reports

ISM Full edition

Subscription includes full benefits of the ISM Freight and ISM Port Subscriptions.