Advisory Consulting Solutions

Along with regular subscription, ISM team of experts is able to provide advisory & consultancy solutions to all parties of international seaborne trade. Being involved in daily collecting, evaluating and analyzing of freight market information for more than 15 years, we can provide you with comprehensive data archives, accurate review of the current environment and competent forecasting for both short- and long-term periods.

Whether you are a ship owner, operator, shipbroker, cargo producer / exporter / importer, charterer / shipper / receiver, port / terminal / stevedore, financial institution, regulatory agency or even consultancy service, – we will help you to optimize your task, propose different options and tools we can use to serve your inquiry. With our flexible and versatile, although transparent and client-oriented approach, we will certainly find the best solution for your company.

More than 15 years of experience in dry bulk shipping, logistics and commodities analysis
Customized analytics solutions that align with your specific requirements and objectives
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Rich historical archive data of voyage, TCT, TCE rates and commodity prices
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Independence and transparency of analytical methods and conclusions
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World-class experts with unique industry knowledge
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Unique blend of international expertise and localized insights

Examples of case studies

Analysis of competitive advantages in the steel products manufacturer's logistics

Being hired by the one of the largest steel producers in cooperation with Metal Expert Consulting, ISM's expert team was involved in evaluation of supply chains for different origins, assessing optimal shipping lots for the certain trade route depending on importer’s demand and capacities, duration, limits in possible ports of loading and discharge, etc. As a result, we provided accurate freight rates, both current and historic, for over 200 routes spanning the last 10 years. This analysis provided valuable insights into route cost-effectiveness and efficiency, empowering the company to make informed logistics decisions based on historical pricing trends.

Selecting the optimal location for a new production facility of a grain trader

ISM's expert team was contracted by a large grain trading company to evaluate future supply chains and logistics costs of an each of five potential locations for the construction of a new grain terminal. The study also involved a thorough examination of nearby ports and terminals, along with their associated costs. To gain a comprehensive understanding, ISM's expert team calculated both current and historical (for the past five years) voyage freight rates from all the nearby ports to the ports of discharge in countries of potential importers.

Market study for investing in bulk carrier

ISM's expert team conducted a comprehensive market analysis for the client's tonnage segment and region. The research included an archive of weekly voyage-basis rates for shipments of specific cargo lots from 2016 till 2022 and weekly round-voyage TCE assessments in order to understand the dynamics of ship owners’ daily earnings. The analysis also included an examination of dry cargo seaborne export volumes and ports infrastructure analysis in the Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Sea regions.

Voyage freight estimator producing for a fertilizers trader

We have created the universal ‘Freight Evaluator’ (TCT/TCE to voy bss rates or vice versa) for the needs of a large fertilizers and chemical trader (with the minimum of characteristics to be entered for whatever vessel size - thanks to related models of optimal speed/fuel consumptions, typical correlation of total holds capacity/DWCC, installed disbursement database etc.)

Providing archive freight rates for steel shipments for MENA importers

Since large steel producers and importers from MENA requested us to provide them with freight dynamics for shipments of steel billets, rebars and HRC from the Black Sea to North Africa, ISM expert team presented a 5-year archive of weekly freight indications for transportation of billets, HRC, rebars in 5,000 t, 10,000 t, and 25,000 t lots from Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey to North African ports, mentioning differentials for different loading/discharge rates.


Certainly! We are able to calculate voyage rates for any routes, including those that may be considered more exotic or unique. Additionally, we can provide assessments even for potential routes based on the TCE figures for whatever tonnage size from 2k DWT to 200k DWT. If you require any archive data on rates from 2007 – feel free to request.

While it is beneficial to have a technical task prepared in advance, as it enables our experts to better understand your requirements and provide a more accurate cost estimate, we understand that you may not have one readily available. In such cases, our experts are more than willing to assist you in creating a task that aligns with your objectives and goals.

There are no limitations on the minimum or maximum scope of research. We are capable of providing you with a study that includes a single assessment tailored to your specific needs.

Certainly, we can assist you by providing research to support your case in resolving conflict situations in court or when interacting with tax authorities. We are able to prepare an answer concerning your specific request on official company letterhead. This document can be presented as evidence by any of the parties involved in court proceedings or when dealing with regulatory authorities. However, please note that our research is based on proven data from the chosen time period, and the customer cannot affect any data included in the research or get custom-made data.