Wide gauge railway to Romanian port of Galati repaired

08.07.2022 12:26
Tonnage: Coaster
Port: Galati
Cargo category:  Grain
Cargo:  Barley,  Bran,  Corn,  Meal,  Rapeseed,  Soybeans,  Sugar beet pulp,  Sunflower cake,  Sunflower seeds,  Wheat

On July 7, the Romanian CFR Infrastructure finished a repair and reopened a 1520 mm gauge railway connecting the Danube river port of Galati and the Moldovan port of Giurgiulesti. The resumed operation of the railway will allow transporting grain from Ukraine to Galati without changing the rolling stock, and then transshipping the commodity onto barges, river-sea vessels or coasters directly from grain carriers. Also, the port of Galati can provide a temporary storage of grain in its elevator with a capacity up to 25,000 t.

It should be noted that the repair started on June 6, and was supposed to last for two months, but CFR Infrastructure managed to complete the work in a month.

It is to be reminded that the railway from Giurgiulesti to Galati has a combined track – rails are laid to allow a concurrent use of the 1435 mm European track and the wide gauge of 1520 mm. Note that the wide gauge was last used for goods transportation back in 2017.