Development of Nador West Med port complex going on schedule

08.07.2022 00:10
Cargo category:  Coal

A new port is said to be built from scratch to be located on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco near the city of Nador. According to local authorities, construction progress reached 70%, while the completion of work is planned for the end of 2023. In May the African Development Bank approved additional financing of 57 mln euro, which was added to 113 mln euro disbursed since 2015.

The new port will offer a container terminal with a quay of 1,520 m long and 18 m deep. It is possible to add another container terminal with a 1,200 m quay in the future. Project includes an oil facility with 3 stations and a coal terminal located at a 360 m quay, both of them with a depth of 20 m. Nador West Med port will also offer a general cargo terminal and a ro-ro berth with a wide service quay.

The annual capacity of the port is supposed to be 3 mln of 20ft containers with the possible increase to 5 mln. Oil facility capacity is 25 mln tonnes of hydrocarbon fuels, while the coal terminal will be able to accept up to 7 mln tonnes of coal. The estimated capacity of the general cargo terminal reaches 3 mln tonnes of miscellaneous goods including project cargo.

Note that despite the completion of the project at the end of 2023, the first commercial operations are planned for the end of 2024.