NSW Ports announces higher port charges at Port Kembla

24.05.2023 12:19
Tonnage: Capesize,  Handysize,  Panamax,  Supramax

In a recent announcement, NSW Ports has revealed that they will be implementing a Consumer Price Index (CPI)-based increase of 7.8% for all published port charges at Port Kembla, effective from July 1, 2023. This decision is expected to impact various charges, including wharfage, site occupation, and navigation fees.
The CPI-based increase aims to align the port charges with the prevailing economic conditions and ensure sustainable operations at Port Kembla. NSW Ports, the organization responsible for managing the ports in the state, believes that this adjustment will help support ongoing investments and improvements in port infrastructure and services.

Additionally, NSW Ports has introduced an administration fee of $107.80 for any act or omission by a customer that necessitates additional administrative effort or manual processing on the part of NSW Ports. This fee is intended to cover the costs incurred due to such actions, emphasizing the importance of accurate and timely communication between customers and the port authorities.

Furthermore, NSW Ports has emphasized that for Project Cargo consignments, it is imperative to provide the relevant details to them at least 40 days prior to the scheduled arrival of the vessel. This requirement will help determine the applicability of any additional charges associated with such consignments.