Waiting time for vessels calling Yangtze River ports on steady decline

17.06.2022 16:40
Tonnage: Handysize
Port: Manila
Cargo category:  Fertilizers,  Steel

The situation with vessels delays on the CJK anchorage continues improving gradually. This week agents report 2 to 5 days of waiting time for a Handysize vessel calling Luojing terminal in Shanghai for steel discharge (against 4-6 days two weeks ago).

However, the situation still leaves much to be desired for vessels calling ports of Bohai bay region. According to agents, the average waiting time for berthing at Huisheng terminal in Tinajin port has increased considerably to about 20 days (compared with 10-15 days reported two weeks ago).

As for vessels calling the Philippines, the average waiting time for a Handysize vessel berthing at Manila Harbor Center for steel discharge still amounts to at most 5 days, according to local agents.