Alpha Osta terminal in Riga still declares 14k tonnes shinc max grain loading rate

06.06.2022 16:31
Tonnage: Coaster,  Handysize,  Panamax,  Supramax
Port: Riga
Cargo category:  Fertilizers
Cargo:  AN,  AS,  CAN,  MAP / DAP,  Potassium chloride (MOP),  Urea

As in the past, Alpha Osta is said to keep operating the grain terminal of the annual capacity up to 1.7 million tonnes located at the port of Riga. The company owns five piers of a total length up to 565 m capable of accepting vessels with a maximum draft of 14 m, which allows accepting vessels with 70,000 t of grains on board.

Note that the highest loading rate reaches 14,000 t daily shinc. Ships are processed with the help of five conveyors showing a loading rate up to 1,550 t per hour. The storage capacity of six dome-type warehouses amounts to 120,000 t. There are access railway tracks with a total length of 15.5 km which ensure storage of 400 freight cars. Two railcars discharge stations are capable of unloading as many as 200 freight cars per day.