Sosipo Casablanca terminal to double trucks loading capacity

06.06.2022 16:21
Tonnage: Coaster,  Handysize
Cargo category:  Grain
Cargo:  Barley,  Bran,  Meal,  Rapeseed,  Soybeans,  Sugar beet pulp,  Sunflower cake,  Sunflower seeds,  Wheat

New digital truck loading system will double the Sosipo Casablanca terminal throughput to 700 trucks per day. Modern digital system is aimed at optimizing the process of transit of imported cereals, particularly the management, logistics and loading process of trucks and wagons.

The Sosipo Casablanca terminal operates two cereal silos in the port of Casablanca, with capacities of 40,000 t and 30,000 t. The terminal is located on a 250 m long berth and capable of accommodating vessels up to 10 m draft. Unloading is provided by three gantries offering a nominal throughput of 800 t per hour.

Goods are delivered by trucks and freight cars. The silos have seven outlet circuits with a nominal unit flow rate of 200 t per hour, as well as three delivery outlets directly from the gantries with the following unit flow rates – one of 200 t per hour and the remaining two of 400 t per hour.

According to ISM sources, a total of 146,471 t of cargoes were unloaded at the terminal in April, while the annual capacity might reach 2 million t.

Vessel-to-truck transfer rate is $4.5/t, while transit rate amounts to $6.2/t.