Port operations are running smoothly in Brazil and Argentina with low waiting times

06.06.2022 16:09
Tonnage: Handysize,  Panamax,  Supramax
Region: ECSA

Waiting times at most of the terminals of Brazilian and Argentine ports remain moderate. For now, there are no strikes announced, thus there is no threat of affecting port operations in the near future.

Waiting times in the port of Santos for loading grains and sugar vary from terminal to terminal, but on average it accounts for 7 days. 40 vessels are currently anchored in the port of Santos and around 11 are berthed. The average waiting time for vessels discharging fertilizers in Santos is 8 days. 8 bulk carriers are anchored and around 5 are berthed.

Average waiting time in the port of Pecem for ships loading steel, iron ore, and discharging coal is 4 days. 5 vessels are berthed and around 4 are anchored.

Average waiting time in the port of Fortaleza for ships discharging wheat and petcoke is 1 day. 1 bulk carrier is currently berthed.

Average waiting time in Argentinian ports is less than a week for prompt dates, while for more forward dates, the waiting schedule is 2-4 days.