Non-grain offers from Ukraine’s deep sea ports start entering the market for the first time since February 2022

22.09.2023 15:34
Tonnage: Coaster,  Handysize,  Panamax,  Supramax

After a rapid increase in grain offer from Ukrainian deep sea ports this week, offers of other cargoes have started to appear on the market, especially those for shipments of steels and iron ore. Moreover, large Ukrainian iron ore exporters have already fixed three vessels, including a Panamax one, towards China. “We are still in a wait-and-see position, though we will start to discuss possible shipment in the near future as well,” another large exporter commented to ISM. As for steels, ISM analysts have already seen an offer of 2-5,000 t of steels for shipment from Odesa to Bulgaria.

Concerning grain exports, shipments from Ukrainian deep water ports have finally resumed after a three-month break caused by the end of the Grain Initiative. At the moment, there are plenty of fresh grain offers in 25-65,000 t lots from Chornomorsk (rarely from Pivdennyi or Odesa) mainly towards China and Spain. Besides, ARAG, Egypt and Tunisia are mentioned as destinations for Ukrainian grain. “Rumors say there is already more than a dozen of Supra/Panamax lots of grain booked for Oct-Nov dates,” operators shared with ISM.

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