Trade still slack on Handy/Supra market of Baltic & Continent

08.07.2022 13:40

The Baltic & Continent Handysize segment is still facing the shortage of new cargo offers. At the same time, the tonnage list remains excessive in the region. Charterers continue to put pressure on freight rates. Time-charter rates barely stay at last week's levels:
A 35k dwt vessel has been chartered at $15k daily bss dely Rouen redel Morocco;
The deal for grain transportation by a 34k dwt carrier bss dely La Pallice redel Morocco has been signed at $15.5k daily;
Handysize scrap shipments bss dely Continent redel EMed are negotiated within $15-17k daily, while some smaller Handies indicate $12.5-13k daily;
Rates for an inter-Continent voyage bss DOP ARA via Russian ports are still discussed closer to $23-24k daily;
F/H rates for an about 35k dwt vessel bss dely Skaw redel Far East are voiced by brokers at about $17k daily;
Transportation of 20,000 t of wheat from Klaipeda to Libya (1 port) is negotiated at mid-$50s/t;
Shipment of 31,000 t of fertilizers (a combined stem) from St. Petersburg to ECSA (2 discharge ports) is discussed at around $60/t, which is equivalent to at around $16k daily bss DOP ARAG for an about 32k dwt vessel.

The Supramax/Ultramax market picture and relevant freight rates have stabilized after some upturn in steel scrap shipments and an increase in demand for such fleet. Note that the cargo/tonnage ratio is still on charterers’ side:
A 55k dwt vessel has been fixed at $20k daily bss dely Odense redel Marmara;
Deals for Supramax transportation of steel scrap bss dely Continent redel EMed are also negotiated at about $18k daily;
Supramax rates bss dely passing Skaw via Continent redel EMed are discussed at $16k daily;
The contract for an Ultramax carrier bss dely DOP Baltic redel ECSA has been concluded at around $13k daily;
Deals on F/H routes are negotiated at $19-21k daily, depending on the basis;
Transportation of Supra coal stems from Ust-Luga to Turkey costs mid-high $40s/t, which is equivalent to $35-36k daily bss dely DOP Baltic;
Rates for shipment of 60,000 t of fertilizers (a combined lot) from the Gulf of Finland to India + Thailand are discussed at mid-$80s/t bss 1\2.