North European coaster market continues to soften

07.07.2022 12:17

Coaster cargo traffic continues to slow down gradually in North Europe. The situation remains the most adverse in the Baltic Sea, where the number of fresh cargo offers is small. The decline in shipping volumes has outlined also in the Continent, but the cargo flow is quite stable. At the same time, the tonnage list is gradually increasing in the basin. So far, owners manage to keep rates quite high on all major routes, although charterers’ pressure is mounting:
Rates for shipment of about 4,000 t of dwt cargo from St. Petersburg to ARAG ports are indicatively voiced by brokers within €85-90/t;
Carrying 4,000 t of grain from Poland to ARAG ports is estimated by brokers at mid-€20s/t;
Owners are seeking to get €300-350k bss lumpsum for transportation of 4-4,500 t of general cargo from ARA ports to St. Petersburg.

As for the Continent:
Rates for shipment of 15,000 t of clay in bulk from Avenmouth to Castellon are voiced by charterers at €35/t;
Charterers are ready to pay around $44/t for transportation of 10,000 t of wheat from Rouen to Algeria;
Carrying a similar lot of grain from La Pallice to Portugal is quoted by charterers at €24/t;
Shipment of 11,000 t of minerals from Huelva to Antwerp is estimated by charterers at about €30/t;
The deal for transportation of 12,000 t of shredded tires from Belfast to Iskenderun is negotiated at €45/t.