BlSea small-tonnage market balanced, rates flat

23.06.2022 00:38

Trade looks pretty high in Black Sea region as for the end of grain season since traders keep on shipping Ukrainian grains from wherever it possible (the Danube ports or the port of Constanta). Even given limited cargo flow from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, owners succeed in holding rates stable owing to limited number of vessels in the area.

Thus, charterers are ready to pay slightly above $100/t for shipment of 5,000 t of wheat from Reni to Marmara;

Other charterers offer $112/t for shipment of 4-6,000 t of barley (sf 59`) on the same route;

Meanwhile, up to 4,500 t of corn are carried from Reni to Marmara at extremely strong $117/t;

A couple of deals for shipment of 6-7,000 t of wheat from Izmail or Reni to Lebanon or EgyptMed are discussed at $125-130/t bss 1/1;

Despite much less waiting times at the entrance to Romanian Danube ports, owners succeeded in getting 110/t for shipment of 6,000 t of agri products (sf up to 55`) from Galati to Marmara.

As for cargo traffic from sea ports:

The deal for transportation of 8,000 t of wheat from Constanta to Libya has been fixed at $46/t;

Grain traders are ready to pay at best $41-42/t for shipment of 5-6,000 t of wheat from Bulgaria to Adriatic Sea bss 1/1;

Brokers suggest $26-27/t for shipment of 3-4,000 t of corn from Constanta to Marmara;

Charterers offer high $20s/t for carrying 5,500 t of coal (sf 46`) from Constanta to Izmir and up to $40/t for transportation to Iskenderun given 2000 shex bends l/d rates, which is equivalent to slightly above $5k daily bss RV.

Rates ex Russian ports have also stabilized after recent increase.

The deal for shipment of 10,500 t of steels from Novorossiysk to Marmara has been fixed at $34.5/t given 7 ttl days sshex l/d rates, which is equivalent to almost 13k daily bss RV for vessels without AWRP required and $12-12.5k daily with AWRP on owner’s acct;

Charterers are ready to pay $36-37/t for transportation of 5,000 t of pig iron from Novorossiysk to Marmara with 2000 shex bends l/d rates and late Jun laucans (equivalent to 7.7-8k daily bss RV fro vessels with no AWRP required).