Handysize market looks extremely dull in BlSea & Med

15.06.2022 12:06

Pace of trade has slumped to near-minimum on the Black Sea Handysize/Handymax shipping market, which is quite logical given the end of the grain season, as well as weak demand for steel and urea in major importing countries. As before, only a relatively short vessel list allows owners to restrain rate cuts:
Time-charter deals for 30-34k dwt fleet bss dely passing Canakkale via BlSea redel Med are discussed mainly at $15-17k daily;
At the same time, owners of a 33-34k dwt carrier have reportedly managed to get $19k daily bss dely passing Canakkale via BlSea redel Algeria;
Rates for Handysize transportation ex Russian ports amount to $25-28k daily bss dely passing Canakkale.

As for other routes:
A vessel of about 35k dwt has been chartered at $13k daily bss dely Morocco redel ECSA;
The contract for a fertilizers run by a 34k dwt carrier bss APS dely EgyptMed redel ECSA has been concluded at $14k daily;
Operators are seeking to get at least $18k daily for Handysize ships bss dely Aegean redel USG.

On the voyage basis, mainly grain is offered for transportation from Romanian and Bulgarian pots with 2H June laycans. There are virtually no requests for shipments of new crop grains in July-Aug:
Traders are ready to pay $35/t for transportation of 30,000 t of wheat from Bulgaria to Mauritania with 8,000x/4,000x l/d rates and late June laycans, while owners want to get $38-39/t (equivalent to $17k daily vs. $19.5-20.5k daily bss dely psg Canakkale);
Up to 30,000 t of wheat are carried from Constanta to Algeria at $34/t with 8,000x/2,500x l/d rates (equivalent to $19k daily bss dely psg Canakkale).

As for other cargoes:
Charterers are ready to pay mid-$40s/t for shipment of 31,000 t of fertilizers from Ashdod to Santarem with 7,000x/4,000 l/d rates and June 23-26 laycans;
Transportation of 28,000 t of clay from Diliskelesi to Ravenna with 8,000 shinc bends l/d rates is estimated by ISM at $15-16/t;
About 20-25,000 t of steel products are carried from Novorossiysk to Iskenderun at mid-high $30s/t.