Med coaster market shows modest activity and decreased cargo offer

17.06.2022 16:09

Trade is looking modest on the Mediterranean Sea coaster market this week, with slightly smaller number of fresh cargo offers. Tonnage demand is still supported by shipments of fertilizers, steel and minerals. Players report some increase in vessel list, but this mainly applies to over 10k dwt ships, while the number of open 3-8k dwt vessels still cannot be called excessive (obviously, the reason is that many such vessels are stuck in congestions in BlSea). For now, freight rates hold steady, but players expect the market to weaken somewhat in the near future if the tonnage list continues to grow in the region.

In the steel sector:

Brokers suggest $32/t for transportation of 7,000 t of HBI from Misurata to Marmara, which is equivalent to $9k daily bss DOP dely Tunisia redel Marmara;

Owners are seeking to get at least $47/t for shipment of 3,000 t of steels from the Marmara Sea to Adriatic ports, while charterers are ready to pay mid-$40s/t;

The deal for shipment of 5,200 t of HRC from Iskenderun to Almeria is negotiated at $50-52/t;

Transportation of 3,000 t of steels from EMed to ARAG ports bss 1/1 is estimated by ISM at mid-$90s/t, with similar levels voiced ex Adriatic Sea to the UK.

As for fertilizers:

Transportation of 3,000 t of fertilizers from SpanMed to the Adriatic Sea (Italy) is discussed at about €38/t bss 1/1;

Charterers offer low-mid $20s/t for shipment of 8,000 t of rock phosphate from Annaba to Setubal;

As for minerals and other cargoes:

Owners are seeking to get around $28/t for shipment of 7,500 t of clinker from Tenes to Gaeta, which gives the equivalent of $10k daily bss DOP dely SpanMed redel WC Italy;

Charterers target $20/t for transportation of 12,500 t of polypropylene from the Marmara Sea to Alexandria;

A 1,100 t lot of general cargo has been fixed from Thessaloniki to Marsa El Brega at $120k bss lumpsum;

Charterers offer $100k bss lumpsum for shipment of about 1,000 t of general IMO cargo from WC Italy to Beirut.