Capesize freights inched up in Eastern Hemi

06.05.2022 19:50

The Capesize market has finally firmed up slightly in the Asia-Pacific region after some slowdown of ore exports from Aus seen at the start of the week:
Transportation of 170,000 t of ore from W.Aus to Qingdao is estimated by ISM at $12-12.5/t;
According to rumors, the deal for shipment of 170,000 t of ore from Dampier to Qingdao has been signed slightly below $12/t.

As for coal traffic from Aus, carrying a Capesize lot of coal from Newcastle to CJK is estimated by ISM at $16-17/t.

As for iron ore exports from S.Afr, transportation of a Capesize lot of ore from Saldanha Bay to Qingdao is quoted by ISM at $19.5-20/t.