Charterers suffer shortage of open small-tonnage vessels in Black Sea

02.05.2022 13:44

The cargo traffic remains quite brisk in the Black Sea considering extremely difficult military-political situation. Limited number of vessels left to operate in the basin allows owners to insist on further freight rate hikes.

Grains from Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria remain the most popular cargoes in the basin. Relevant transportation costs vary greatly these days:
The deal for transportation of 10,000 t of wheat from Bulgaria to Algeria with 5,000x/1,500x l/d rates has been signed nearly at $40/t, which is equivalent to mere $6-6.2k daily bss RV;
Charterers offer $34/t for shipment of 9,000 t of soybeans (sf 50`) from Constanta to Alexandria with 2,500x/2,000x l/d rates and 1H May laycans, which is equivalent to about $6k daily bss RV;
Owners are seeking to get at least $67/t for transportation of 7,000 t of meal (sf 55`) from Varna to ARAG with 3,000x/4,000x l/d rates, while traders aim at low $60s/t;
Charterers are ready to pay $37-38/t for shipment of 6,000 t of corn from Constanta to the Adriatic Sea, while owners want to get low $40s/t (equivalent to $4.5k daily vs. $5k daily bss RV);
At the same time, owners have managed to get $49/t for transportation of 3,500 t of wheat from Constanta to Cyprus, which is equivalent to a very strong $4.9k daily bss RV.

As for other cargoes:
The deal for shipment of 3,000 t of salt in bb from Eregli to Azov is discussed at 25/t;
Charterers are ready to pay up to $30/t for transportation of 7,000 t of steel products from Bartin to eastern Greece with l/d rates of 1,500x/1,250x, while owners want to get mid-$30s/t.

Speaking of shipments from Ukraine:
Charterers are ready to pay $68/t bss AWRP on owner’s acct for transportation of 5,000 t of wheat from Reni to Albania with 1,250x/1,500x l/d rates, which is equivalent to $6-6.3k daily bss RV;
Charterers are ready to pay $125-130/t for shipment of 2.5-4,000 t of seeds (sf 85-88`) from Reni to Mersin with 800 sshex bends l/d rates, which is equivalent to $7.5-8k daily bss RV for a vessel of slightly more than 6k dwt;
At the same time, charterers offer mere $54/t for transportation of 4-5,000 t of seeds (sf 85`) from Reni to Izmir, which corresponds to mere low $30s/t bss 8,000 t of heavy grain and does not exceed $3.5k daily bss RV with an AWRP on owner’s acct.

Amid some decline in cargo traffic ex Russian ports, charterers are trying to cut corresponding freights:
Charterers offer mere $27/t for shipment of 10,000 t of square billets from Novorossiysk to the Marmara Sea with 2,500 sshex bends l/d rates (equivalent to mere $6.5k daily bss RV), while owners are seeking to get well more than $30/t;
Carrying 7,000 t of coal from Tuapse to TBS is estimated by ISM at very low $30s/t;
Brokers suggest low $50s/t for shipment of 5-6,000 t of wheat from Novo to EMed bss 1/1;
Transportation of 3,500 t of coal in bb from Novorossiysk to Rijeka costs $70-71/t.