ECSA Panamax/Kamsarmax market looks flat

22.04.2022 14:36
Region: ECSA
Cargo category:  Coal,  Grain,  Minerals & Industrial waste
Cargo:  Barley,  Meal,  Soybeans,  Wheat

The ECSA Panamax/Kamsarmax market is slow and inactive. Rates are largely stable, with bids around last week’s levels:
Contracts for Kamsarmax fleet bss ECSA RV are discussed at $27-28k daily for spot laycans;
A Kamsarmax ship has been chartered at $28k daily bss dely India via ECSA redel Spore-Japan;
An 83k dwt vessel has been fixed at $27k daily bss dely Singapore via ECSA redel Spore-Japan;
The deal for an 81k dwt carrier bss dely ECSA redel Spore-Japan has been signed at $28k daily +$1.8k bb;
Voyage-basis rates for shipment of 66,000 t of grain from Santos to Qingdao with spot laycans are voiced by brokers at $68-69/t, which gives the TCE of $28-29k daily;
Transportation of 66,000 t of grains from Brazil to China with late May laycans is negotiated at $70-73/t.

The transatlantic segment is also inactive after last week’s rate spike:
A 77k dwt vessel has been chartered at $26.5k daily bss dely Gibraltar via ECSA redel Skaw-Passero;
The deal for transportation of 60,000 t of bauxite from WAfr to Spain with early May laycans has been signed at $19.5/t, which gives the TCE of $34k daily bss APS WAfr;
The contract for shipment of 60,000 t of grains from Argentina to Egypt with spot laycans is negotiated at $52/t vs. $56/t, which gives the TCE of $42k daily vs. $46k daily bss APS ECSA.