Handysize sector looking flat in Baltic & Continent

22.04.2022 12:26

The Baltic & Continent Handysize market is generally unchanged. The number of new cargo offers can be called moderate and the cargo flow has not perked up so far. Players continue to note fresh requests for cargo transportation from Russian ports, while owners still want to get premiums for such shipments. No major rate shifts can be seen in the region; freights stay at last week’s levels:
The deal for transportation of steel scrap by a 37k dwt vessel bss passing Skaw redel EMed has been signed closer to mid-$20s k daily;
A 35k dwt carrier has been chartered at $13k daily for shipment of grain bss dely Casa via Rouen redel Algeria;
The charterer is ready to pay $18-20k daily for grain transportation by a 32-34k dwt ship bss dely APS Rouen redel WMed, while charterers’ ideas for 38-39k dwt fleet are voiced at $21-22k daily;
The contract for a 38k dwt carrier bss dely DOP ARA via Murmansk redel Brazil has been concluded at $38k daily;
Charterers offer around $24k daily for transportation of steel by a 39k dwt ship bss dely ARA redel USG/USEC;
F/H time-charter rates for such fleet are discussed at mid-$20s k daily;
On the voyage basis, the transportation cost of 30,000 t of corn from Klaipeda to Santander with 8,000sshinc/8,000sshex l/d rates is voiced by charterers at low-mid $20s/t, while owners’ ideas are at $28/t;
Shipment of 25-30,000 t of grain from Gdansk to Teesport in early May is negotiated within $26-28/t.

The Supramax segment is looking somewhat ambiguous. In general, the regional tonnage list is quite sufficient to ensure the current cargo flow, but some routes are showing higher freight levels. This mainly applies to rates towards EMed. Relevant time-charter levels have added about $2k daily over the week, partly due to the reluctance of owners to transfer fleet to this part of the basin. Rates on other routes hold relatively steady:
The deal for a Supramax vessel bss dely Continent rede EMed was negotiated at $27k daily, but was never signed;
Rates for such fleet on a similar route with May laycans are voiced by owners at $32k daily, but charterers still believe they will manage to sign the contract below $30k daily;
A carrier of 63k dwt has been fixed at $21k daily bss dely Continent rede USEC;
Deals for Supramax/Ultramax cargo transportation from Russian ports are often discussed closer to $70-80k daily, depending on the route.