Grain corridor prospects look extremely tense and uncertain since Russia announced withdrawal from deal

31.10.2022 16:33
Tonnage: Coaster,  Handysize,  Supramax
Cargo category:  Grain

Following Russia’s unilateral decision to withdraw from the grain export initiative agreement, the situation has become extremely tense and uncertain for both charterers and ship owners involved. However, the UN and Turkish representatives at JCC announced the allowance for 12 vessels to leave Ukrainian ports during Oct 31.

On Oct, 30, Russia told the UN and Turkish Authorities that it had temporarily suspended the treaty due to the attacks in Sevastopol on Oct 29, 2022. However, Turkish and UN representatives at JCC announced the allowance for 12 vessels to leave Ukrainian ports, as well as for 4 vessels in ballast (already inspected) to sail towards Ukrainian ports during Oct 31.

According to agent’s information, some captains of leaving vessels received warnings from Russian naval forces, but being ensured by Turkish and UN representatives of JCC, they continued sailing. The caravan of 12 vessels sailed out from Ukraine and is successfully heading for Bosphorus so far. Meanwhile, at least 2 out of 4 vessels that were allowed to call Ukrainian ports from the Bosphorus side have decided to stop awaiting some more clarifications.

Moreover, the UN, Turkish and Ukrainian representatives in JCC announced that 10 inspection groups would be working on Oct 31, with 40 laden vessels waiting at Bosphorus for sailing out to be inspected. According to ISM sources, more than 30 ships have been already inspected as of 2 pm and allowed to sail in their destinations. New inspections of vessels waiting to call Ukrainian ports are not performed so far until clarifications.

Since the start of grain export initiative agreement, Ukraine has exported more than 9 mln tons of agri products, including around 5 mln tons to African and Asian countries.