Activity down on BlSea Handy/Supra market, while rates stopped growing

28.10.2022 07:02

Market activity has slowed down quite noticeably in the Black and Mediterranean Seas mainly because of the shortage of new firm offers and fixtures ex Ukraine. The future of the grain corridor remains uncertain. Also, delays at Istanbul already exceed 2 weeks. At the moment:

Handy owners still ready to call Ukrainian ports are seeking to get well more than $35k daily bss dely passing Canakkale, while most charterers are ready to pay at best $30k daily;

A 32.5k dwt carrier has been chartered at $37k daily bss dely Marmara via Ukraine redel Ravenna;

As for the Russian biz, charterers offer $20k daily for a 25-26k dwt ship bss dely passing Canakkale via Novorossiysk redel Algeria, while owners are seeking to get $24-25k daily;

As for non-premium trips, a couple of inter-Med deals for Handysize fleet via Romania or Bulgaria bss dely passing Canakkale are discussed at $19-20k daily;

The deal for a 36k dwt vessel bss APS dely Constanta redel Italy has been signed at $26k daily;

A 33-34k dwt carrier has been chartered at $21k daily for a petcoke run bss dely Skikda via SpanMed redel USG;

A bit smaller ship has been fixed at $21k daily for a steels run bss dely Aegean redel USEC;

The deal for a 32k dwt vessel bss dely Otranto via Constanta redel EC Mexico has been signed at $23k daily, while owners of a smaller carrier have succeeded to get $21k daily bss dely Otranto via Sfax redel Denmark.

In the larger segment, Supramax front-haul rates (excl. Ukrainian or Russian ports) are hovering $24-26k daily, while a couple of deals towards WAfr are discussed at $23-24k daily;

A 55k dwt Supramax vessel has been chartered at 24.5k daily for a cement run bss dely Marmara redel USEC;

Ultramax owners are seeking to get at least $32k daily for a grain trip bss DOP dely EMed via Russia redel Mombasa.

Lack of fresh voyage-basis offers has been reported this week:

Owners are already seeking to get more than $60/t for shipments of 25-30,000 t of wheat from Ukraine to Egypt or Mersin given 10 days at Istanbul and AWRP on owner’s acct, while charterers are ready to pay at best $48-49/t (equivalent to $34+ k daily vs. $24-25k daily bss dely psg Canakkale);

Brokers suggest $24/t for transportation of 30,000 t of wheat from Constanta to Egypt;

Carrying 30,000 t of clay from the Marmara Sea to Castellon with 10,000c/10,000x l/d rates is estimated by ISM at $17-17.5/t;

The deal for shipment of 40,000 t of wheat from Novorossiysk to Mombasa is negotiated at low $60s/t given 10,000x/7,000c l/d rates, mid-Nov laycans and AWRP on owner’s acct (equivalent to very strong $45-48k daily bss dely psg Canakkale);

25,000 t of fertilizers are carried from Novorossiysk to Brazil at $64.5/t bss 1/1 (equivalent to $23k daily bss dely psg Canakkale given AWRP on owner’s acct).