Kazakhstan exported 10% more wheat

06.07.2022 12:47
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The overall shipping volume of Kazakh-origin wheat to foreign markets (excluding shipments to the EAEU countries) amounted to 5.8 million tonnes in the period from July 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022, a 10% increase compared with the same period of the previous marketing year.

The increase is due to brisker supplies to Iran and Italy. Thus, Iran boosted purchases of Kazakh wheat to 765,000 t, which averages to almost a 4 time surge year-on-year.

Despite the fact that the overall shipping volume dropped by 14% year-on-year, the largest importer of Kazakh-origin wheat, however, has become Uzbekistan, with 2.6 mmt of the commodity supplied from Kazakhstan from July 1, 2021 till May 31.

Wheat exports to Tajikistan decreased by 5% to 856,000 t in the period under review.

Note that China used to be one of the top 5 importers of wheat from Kazakhstan in the marketing year 2020-21, but this grain season the country reduced purchases by overwhelming 91%. So, not more than 28,000 t of wheat were carried from Kazakhstan to China from July 1, 2021 till May 31, 2022.

Market grain experts expect Kazakhstan to export about 7 mmt of wheat in MY 2021-22.